Is my Nose the Big Problem with my Face? (photo)

There is a problem with my face which is bothering me my whole life. Now I am 40 years old and would like to solve it. Nobody ever tells me my face has a problem but people very quickly dislike me and have opinions about me even though they do not know me. The deep tear troughs make me look tired all the time, I believe the troughs are created by my wide nasal bone. Will rinoplasty be the answer to create balance in my face? Please advise.

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Relationship Between Facial Apearance & Initial Impressions

I don't believe cosmetic facial surgery will change how people respond to you when you first meet. If that is your primary motivation for surgery, don't do it. However, your appearance would be improved if you augmented your long flat mid-face with injections of fillers or fat, or the placement of cheek implants; either would improve the contour and projection of your cheeks. Filling your deep tear troughs would also soften your look. Rhinoplasty would reduce and refine your nose. Consultation with a specialist will help you clarify your motivations and establish reasonable expectations.

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Rhinoplasty and changing first impressions

I think your nose is a separate issue from how people first form opinions about you. That being said an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon can make changes to your nose, but that should be directed by specific concerns you have with your nose. Rhinoplasty wouldn't change your tear troughs, though a filler or fat grafting can be done to improve facial volume loss.

I would recommend consulting with a few board certified facial plastic surgeons or plastic surgeons to have an indepth discussion regarding your concerns and to allow for a examination.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Does plastic surgry changes others opinion?

Thank you for the picture. Yes I think something can be done to improve the shape of your nose. The decision of what should be done comes from proper assessment with the plastic surgeon interview. Although, I don't think it is your nose or  your look has anything to do with other's impression or feeling towards you. Be happy and love your self the way you look , and feel and live this opinion about your self,  people will feel it and share it with you. 

Fatema S. Alsubhi, MD
UAE Plastic Surgeon
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Problem with my face

Your face looks OK to me... Can always achieve improvements of nose, etc., but the most important, and easiest change to make is the addition of a smile.  People who develop opinions of you without knowing you are subject to prejudice that plastic surgery is not likely to solve.

Steve Laverson, MD
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Bulbous nasal tip, wide nose

I think that some people do truly have "big noses", but I think your problem can be characterized as a bulbous tip deformity with a wide bony pyramid.  The bulbous tip may be partially the cause of large lower lateral cartilage tissue and a very thick, oily nasal skin.  It is difficult to know exactly how much your nose projects from your face without a profile shot, but I think you would benefit from a rhinoplasty focusing in on debulking or thinning out the skin envelope of the nose with reduction of the underlying cartilage.  The will need to be unified to eliminate its boxy appearance.  In addition, you may need osteotomies of your nasal bones to narrow the upper portion of the nose.  All this should be performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in male noses and only after a thorough in-person consultation.

Andre Panossian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Why people have an adverse opinion of you is something your plastic surgeon can't answer.  Also, without an in-person exam, what your best aesthetic options can't be answered in detail.  However, your nasal tip is a bit bulbous.  A good rhinoplastic surgeon can correct this.  Also, the left side of your face is drooping in the photo.  There may be a mild left facial paresis causing this, but an examination would be required.  The tear drops could be treated with fillers. 

David Alessi, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Not your nose

I'd would recommend some cheek/malar implants and/or sculptra to fill your face out.  Your nose would better fit your face.


Chase Lay, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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