Not Enough Support After Rhinoplasty?

I just had Rhinoplasty performed 5 days ago. I received an osteotomy, tip plasty, and a new bridge. I've been reading on many sites that a splint or cast is usually put on the nose after surgery. I was sent home with only three pieces of tape along the bridge. Is this OK? I am concerned I was not given enough support. Thanks!

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See your surgeon

If an osteotomy has been done at the time of the rhinoplasty, a cast definitely needs to be placed across the bridge of the nose to hold the nasal bones in their new anatomical shape. A splint is always applied on top of the nose after the nasal bones are reset. Tape is not going to be enough support.

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Rhinoplasty and External Splinting

Hi Christy, Many patients visit for support from the physicians and patients in the RS community, but unfortunately we cannot splint your nose for support. Best to discuss your questions with your surgeon. When osteotomies (breaking the nasal bones) are performed, a splint is usually placed on the nose for 5 to 7 days. Perhaps you did not have complete osteotomies, or your surgeon wished to widen your nasal bones. Best to discuss with he/she who sculpted your new nose. I hope that you love your new nose. Be well. Dr. P

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Not necessarily.

 A cast is not always necessary. If you did not have one, chances are it wasn't  needed. Ask your doctor and he can best answer this question.

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See your surgeon regarding nasal support after rhinoplasty

The only reason we put on tape or a splint is to push down the soft tissue and skin onto the underlying framework of cartilage and bone so no fluid can get in between. This allows for the best overall contour improvement.

Your surgeon can determine if tape alone does the trick in your particular situation. Go ask your surgeon and see what they think about your nose in its current state.

Good luck,

Dr. Shah

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Every surgeon has his own preferences

Every surgeon has his own ideas about how to perform and care for a rhinoplasty procedure. While most surgeons use a splint, there is nothing about them that provides any significant support after surgery. It is mostly there to keep you from accidentally bumping and injuring your nose, and maybe to cut down on swelling as well.

You should ask your surgeon why he does what he does and what you can expect from the process as you move along.

All the best for a great result.

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Go to the source - ask your doctor

You trusted your doctor enough to pay him and let him operate on you --- now get your moneys worth and call and ask him. fishing around on the internet is a poor choice. There is too much incorrect information out there. Ask YOUR DOCTOR.

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