Can Nose Swollen Change Base on Daily Activity? For Example After Sex Swollen, Next Day Goes Down?

I had rhinoplasty and 2 days ago my surgeon removed the plaster I took photo today and in compare with today my nose is smaller I had my blood pressure higher coz some how I had sex I know higher blood pressure cause swollen but my question is tomorrow my nose swollen stay same level or it will goes down ? By the way my surgeon told me that it's okay If I have sex from now

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Swelling Post-rhinoplasty

Hello Persia001, thanks for your question.  A rhinoplasty is a complex and delicate procedure that can disrupt the blood flow and affect the lymphatic drainage to the nose.  For this reason, post-operative swelling is very common and expected.  Depending on the extent of work done, the swelling can last several months and occasionally up to a full year.  Activity that raises the heart rate or blood pressure, including sexual intercourse, can worsen the swelling, especially in the early stages of recovery.  I would say 2 days postop is very early, and I tell my patients not to heavily exert themselves for the first 4-6 weeks after rhinoplasty, whether it is jogging, aerobics, and even sex.  Not only can early activity worsen and prolong the swelling, but it could damage the work that has been done to your nose.  Hopefully your board-certified plastic surgeon has gone through all the postoperative expectations and recommendations to maximize your recovery for a nice aesthetic outcome.  Good luck! -Dr.92660

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Post Rhinoplasty Swelling


Dear Persia001, After your splint is removed you will see fluctuations in swelling especially in the tip area. These fluctuations may be caused by many factors. Exertion in any extra curricular activities is one cause of swelling. Try and continue to sleep in an elevated position, avoid salty foods and extreme heat when possible. All of these factors will help the swelling dissipate and over the next few months you will see less fluctuations. Best regards and remember to protect your investment during all activities. Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Nasal swelling after Sex and Rhinoplasty Surgery

Yes, it's common to have swelling for a variety of reasons, including sex. Fortunately, rhinoplasty swelling resolves over time. Other factors that contribute to nasal swelling include salt intake, fluid retention, temperature  hormones, and gravity. Best to follow your plastic surgeon's rhinoplasty instructions, which usually involve abstaining from heavy activity (ie. sex) for a period of time after surgery. Best of luck.

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Fluctuations in swelling of the nose is extremely common in the first few months can be caused by a number of factors

  • Salt intake in diet
  • Temperature (the hotter, the more swelling)
  • Activity (exercise increases swelling)
  • Fluid retention (i.e. menstrual)

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Nose Swelling After Rhinoplasty

What you are noting is quite normal - especially during the first few months after rhinoplasty surgery. The swelling can be affected by many factors - including increased physical activity, salty foods and even warmer climates. 

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Swelling of nose

The nose will swell for the next several months with exertional activity. This is normal. Jsut be careful with your new nose.

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Increases in Blood Pressure and Swelling after Rhinoplasty

   Increases in blood pressure caused by increases in activity force more fluid out of the capillary beds and into the extravascular space.  Thus, swelling is increased.  Usually, this is temporary and equilibrium is reestablished quickly.  This relationship is stymied after surgery.  The nose will reduce in swelling, but repeated increases in blood pressure may have a cumulative effect.  You will have to assess your individual response and adjust activity accordingly.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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