Is Nose Swelling Usual After Removal of Nasal Implant?

Hi doc. I removed my L-shaped silicone implant 3 weeks post op and my nose is on a crazy swellling trip tonight (1st day post op removal). Is this normal? Will it ever turn back to what it used to be? Will I be deformed? How is the scar tissue? How long does swelling last till I'm socially acceptable? Does removal of the implant cause more swelling then implantation? I'm having a miscommunication with my surgeon as I'm overseas for this so pls try to answer from your experience.

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Is Nose Swelling Usual After Removal of Nasal Implant?

 If the L-shaped nasal implant was removed and nothing else was done, the shape of your nose is yet to be determined.  When placing L-shaped dorsal implants, the Rhinoplasty Surgeon, had to remove some of the dorsal bone and cartilage so the height of the bridge will be reduced significantly.

 The short L portion, of the implant, goes between the two sides of the nasl tip cartilages and causes them to widen.  Even when removed, the two sides would not come back together to their original size and shape so the nasal tip will not be the same as your original nose.

 When removing L-shaped nasal implants, I typically suture the two sides, of the nasl tip cartilages back together to shape the tip.  If the bridge is too low, or there is an "open roof" deformity from previous bone removal, this would require some type of onlay dorsal graft.  These are all questions that you should ask your Rhinoplasty Surgeon.  Hope this helps.

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