Would Surgery Fix my Crooked Nose?

I hurt my nose when I was a child playing baseball. They doctors said my nose was not broken, however it has been crooked ever since and my nostrils are unevenly shaped. Would some sort of nose surgery fix my problems and allow me to have a straighter nose?

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Correction of Crooked Nose with Open Rhinoplasty

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An open rhinoplasty is usually the best option to correct a "crooked" nose. Open Rhinoplasty combines the same intranasal incisions used in closed rhinoplasty with the addition of an incision on the undersurface of the column of tissue that separates the nostrils called the columella. While this places a small scar on the exterior of the nose, in most cases, the incision heals very well and is not noticable at conversational distances.


  • Better visualization for the surgeon
  • Direct exposure of the anatomic structures
  • More precise intraoperative diagnosis
  • Less distortion of the nasal framework from intraoperative retraction
  • Ideal for complex nasal deformities

Correction of a "crooked" nose frequently involves straightening deviated nasal bones by surgically breaking (osteotomies) the bones and repositioning them in the proper alignment. A crooked nose also involves straightening a deviated septum, which is the cartilage and bone that separates one side of the nose from the other.

Choose a doctor that specializes in rhinoplasty because correcting a "crooked" nose can be a technically complex surgery.

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This is typically what nasal surgery is for.

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Most of the time, a crooked nose is not from trauma, but is simply developmental (meaning that it just grew that way over time). Straightening a twisted nose is one of the more difficult aspects of rhinoplasty, but several techniques can be employed to make it straighter. My preference is to approach a crooked or twisted nose through an open rhinoplasty approach since this allows precise identification of the relevant anatomy and, in my opinion, allows better control of the cartilage and bones.

Hope this helps.

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