Which Treatment Will Correct my Nose?

My nose has bothered me for a long time I have no health problems to prevent me from having a surgery and I have been wanting to go ahead. As professionals, what would you suggest I have done with my nose to make it suit my face better? Also, judging by the photo, can you see me having an excellent result?

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Rhinoplasty for Correction of a Bulbous Tip

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The goal of any rhinoplasty is to produce a nose that both looks good and functions well. For the nose to appear attractive, it must be in balance and harmony with the rest of the patient's facial features. To maintain or improve breathing, the nasal framework needs to be supported.

Two of the most common reasons that patients seek rhinoplasty is for correction of a hump on the bridge and for correction of a bulbous tip. This usually produces a nose that appears smaller and is more proportional to the patient's face.

Most modern rhinoplasty surgeons agree that correction of a bulbous tip is best accomplished with open rhinoplasty techniques. This allows the nasal framework to be fully visualized so that the tip cartilages can be reduced and reshaped to relieve the bulbous appearance of the tip. Patient's with a bulbous tip are prone to developing nasal obstruction if the tip cartilages are not adequately supported.

In the right hands, correction of a bulbous tip can provide a dramatic improvement in both appearance and breathing.

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