Had 2 Nose Surgeries and Still Have Breathing Problems?

Breathing obstruction for years- tried antihistamines, steroid sprays, with no luck. Only afrin works! Had septo-rhinoplasty, and turbinate cautery- just moderate improvement. Then had a submucosal resection (bone only). Had more improvement but I still have some significant obstruction at times throughout each day, in one or both sides. Dr. said I have the most reactive nose he's seen in 25 years! He may send me to an allergist since we've tried all surgerical options. Suggestions??

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Had 2 Nose Surgeries and Still Have Breathing Problems?

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 IMHO, you should make an appt to go see an ENT surgeon for evaluation and examination of your nose.  Using sprays like Afrin can cause rebound swelling in your nose that's quite difficult to treat.  In fact, the stuffy feeling will most likely get worse in the initial treatments stage before it gets better, so hang in there.  Rhinoplasty is most likely not the answer here.  

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