Nose Clearly Still Deviates to the Same Degree 4 Weeks After Rhinoplasty

I had septorhinoplasty 4 weeks ago following recurrence of nasal obstruction after a septoplasty 5 years ago. My surgeon had not seen me since my initial consultation almost 2 years ago (NHS). When he came to see me pre-op he said he had no notes with him & to remind him of the problem. The problem is I think he thought I was referring to septal rather than overall left sided deviation. I am aware swelling can be an issue but the angle looks exactly the same. I'm due for review in 6 months.

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Nose Clearly Still Deviates to the Same Degree 4 Weeks After Rhinoplasty

 1 month after Revision Rhinoplasty is too soon to look for final results.  The nose can appear crooked due to post Rhinoplasty swelling.  Give yourself a few more months but as always it's best to ask your Rhinoplasty Surgeon these questions as he/she knows what was done to your nose during your Rhinoplasty.

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Persistent Nasal Deviation after Septorhinoplasty Revision

I understand your concern,but hopefully your apparent persistent deviation is secondary to asymmetrical swelling after revision surgery. Time will tell. There is nothing you can do except be patient.

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Four weeks post septorhinoplasty

If you were having a septorhinoplasty then the surgeon should be correcting both the breathing difficulty you discussed as well as the aesthetic corrections. Upon examination and consultation a surgical plan should have been discussed and your surgeon should go through in detail what the proposed surgery involves and what his proposed results are for you. I use a digital imaging computer in my nasal consultations to show my patients the proposed surgical results prior to surgery. Upon physical examination the inside of the nose is looked at and a surgical plan and diagnosis is made for the breathing difficulties. I think you need to go in and see your surgeon discuss what specifically was done so that you may have some peace of mind before your six month recheck appointment. Four weeks post surgery you still have swelling and have sometime left to fully heal. Best regards!

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