Nose still bulbous 10 months after rhinoplasty & 7 months after a post-op injury that made it reswell. Do I need a revision?

I had a medpor tip-top graft put in my tip June of last yr in an open rhino. I injured myself in September when the nose was finally seemed healed/showed the final result (success narrowing) for most of the day. It reswelled up to thrice what I saw after surgery. I'm 10 mths post-op. Graft is still intact & the nose has gotten smaller since the injury 7 mths ago but is still overprojected & bulbous around/under the implant. I'm worried progress has stopped here. Should I start planning a revision?

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Medpor Implants and Rhinoplasty

Hi,Medpor in a poor choice for nasal implants, in my opinion. They cause a lot of problems including persistent bulbous tip, infection etc. It's better to take it out sooner than later and reconstruct the tip using cartilage grafts.Best,Dr.S.

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