Nose is Still Bleeding Quite Heavily After a Septorhino, is This Normal?

This morning at 8 am I got a septorhinoplasty. It is now 7:15 pm and my nose is still bleeding (not gushing but dripping blood frequently). It bleeds more out of the right nostril, which is the side my nose was deviated to. I also got a spreader graft on that side. Is this normal? When should it stop? And what should I do other than switch gauze every 2 hrs? Thank you

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Nasal bleeding after rhinoplasty

It is hard to tell you when it is too excessive based upon your description and not knowing exactly what was done. The best person to ask is your surgeon. 

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Bleeding after Rhinoplasty.

You can put ice on your nose and you can suck on ice chips. the cold would created vasoconstriction and decrease the bleeding. You are however the only judge as to what is too much bleeding, and need to decide to go to the emergency room. I also suggest you contact your surgeon before you go to the ER, he may want to see you in the office minimizing your wait and aggravation .

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