Nose still appears slanted post rhinoplasty, does it appear deviated or possible uneven swelling?

2 months post rhino and my nose is similar to before, slanted and asymmetric. The same curve on the side of my nose is present post rhinoplasty. Also, My columella is hanging lower than before. Spoke with my doctor and he explained that it could be swelling and if not he would be willing to remove fat from the bigger side to even it out in 6 months. I'm having difficulty seeing how removing fat is going to give my nose a straighter appearance. I don't want a thin nose, I just wanted it straight.

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Post op, rhinoplasty, swelling, 2 months

Hi, your question is a good one. Swelling can very likley be the issue. The swelling will come and go over the next several months. You can gently tape the nose at night and/or wear the cast on your nose at night. There IS a chance the bone may have shifted to some degree. Usually at this point some gentle manipulation in the office can keep the bones straight. A proper examination of the area will be important to make a decision.

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