Nose Stiffness 4 Years After Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty 4 years ago. I had little nose cartilage to work with due to of an earlier surgery during childhood. The new attempt used material from behind my ear. It was not successful, and I had yet another surgery in which material was taken from my rib. I can breath better now, but my tip is very hard, and feels somewhat tender if I press down on it. Will this stiffness lessen over time? Will my nose ever feel springy and natural again? I doubt it, but it'd be nice if it was less stiff.

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Tip Stiff after RIb Cartilage Graft

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The rib cartilage may have ossified ( turned to bone). At this point, it will stay like this unless you revise the tip with a softer cartilage such as auricular or septal cartilage.



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Rib cartillage graft

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Rib cartillage is a stiff material and will not soften. It will always be harder than the normal nasal tip

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