Nose Stiffness?

Is nose stiffness normal 7 months post rhinoplasty op and not being able to crinkle my nose and face much?

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Nose Stiffness Following Cosmetic Nose Reshaping

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With certain types of rhinoplasty involving tip reshaping and cartilage grafting, it is not unusual for patients to have a relatively stiff feeling nose. This is normal even at 7 months out from rhinoplasty. Be patient. Noses can easily take upwards of 1-2 years before they fully evolve and heal. 

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Nose stiffness after rhinoplasty surgery

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The amount of stiffness after nasal surgery is very variable.  Say for example the surgeon assessed the native nasal cartilage and found it to be too soft or there were other structural problems.  The surgeon may opt to use a columellar strut.  If so, the nose may permanently be stiff to the touch.  This is to prevent the nose from loosing support in the future.  The stiffness may be permanent.  However, I don't know why you cannot crinkle your nose.  The only thing I can think of is that multiple cartilage grafts were placed to beef up the structure of your nose.  In that case, the swelling, and lack of crinkle ability may take upwards of 9-11 months, much like a revision rhinoplasty.

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