Will my Nose Look the Way it Did When the Splint Was Removed?

I had my splint on for 12 days (surgeon's request) and i want to know will my nose look the way it was when it was take off in a years time or will it alter? i had a hump reduction and tip lift. thank you.

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Nose Changes Over Time Post Rhinoplasty

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Your nose will change over many years.  It will not look just like it did when your splint was removed.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Still swollen

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At 12 days after surgery there is most probably still significant swelling of the soft tissues of the nose.  Expect that the nose will be thinner and slightly smaller and that the tip will rotate down just a bit.  It can take up to a year after rhinoplasty for the final result to become apparent.  Make sure you follow your surgeon's directions and follow up regularly for the best result.

Marisa Lawrence, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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