Nose is Slightly Cooked from Minor Fracture - Can It Be Fixed?

Occurred a year ago. I had a very slight black eye and didn't notice the fracture at the time. Since then I've had x rays that came back negative although I'm pretty sure i can actually feel where the fracture happened close to the bridge of the nose.I am curious if it is too late to crack and reset the fracture without having to cut my nose up. Any information is helpful, thanks.

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Slight Corrrection

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Certainly a rhinoplasty can be performed a year after nasal fracture. However, you need to understand the tradeoff involved between the slight correction and time, discomfort, and money involved with surgery.  Non Surgical Rhinoplasty could be another option to be explored. Consult with 2 - 3 surgeons in your area to understand your treatment options.

Slightly crooked nose can be fixed

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Certainly a rhinoplasty can be performed a year after a nasal fracture without any problems. Make sure there is enough asymmetry that it is worthwhile to undergo a rhinoplasty to reset the nasal bones. The rhinoplasty operation is designed to straighten and narrow the nasal pyramid, which includes both bone and cartilage, and address any tip issues if necessary. It is also important to make sure you do not have a deviated septum from the nasal fracture, which is very common. Make sure your surgeon looks inside the nose to address any breathing issues as well.  

Treatment of Slightly Crooked Nose Following Trauma

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If you have a slightly crooked nose following a trauma, but a negative X-ray, it is likely caused by injury to the cartilage of the nose and not the bone.  In those cases, you would need to be evaluated by a rhinoplasty specialist, to determine the nature and cause of the fracture.  Non surgical options would include fillers when appropriate.  Otherwise, a formal rhinoplasty may be required. 

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San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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