6 Days Post-op - Will my Nose Get Shorter and Smaller?

i had a rhinoplasty 6 days ago to remove dorsal hump and shorten nose a bit. My splint was taken off a few hours ago but my nose looks very long with a wide bridge and a round not refined tip. My doc said that it wasn't very swollen but that concerned me because i was blaming the unpleasant size on the swelling. Will my nose get smaller and better looking? thank you!

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6 Days Post-op - Will my Nose Get Shorter and Smaller?

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Absolutely!!  Don't worry at all.  6 days is far to soon to start thinking about your final results.  The comments made were likely more out of being impressed with how you heal genetically without a significant amount of bruising or swelling...but any rhinoplasty patient has a fair amount of edema after surgery.  I tell all my patient's that we have no concern over the immediate appearance of the nose and not until you are about 3 months from surgery would we have an honest ability to assess how things are progressing.  So take heart.  Your nose will absolutely become more refined and shrink down over the new structure created.  Hope that helps.

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