Nose Looks Shorter and Tip Not So Droopy After Septoplasty, Spreader Graft and Turbinate Reduction?

Yesterday, my son had Septoplasty, spreader graft and turbinate red. Upon seeing him in recovery, his nose looks shorter and very straight (cast on). I have read that septoplasty does not alter outer appearance. Why would nose would appear shorter, straight and wider (I assume due to swelling) w/out rhino. He seems quite pleased and I'm concerned that it may only look this way due to swelling. Dr said deviation was in worst place. Could these appearance change be possible w/out rhino?

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Concerned about changes following nasal surgery

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It is very early to be concerned about the appearance of your sons nose one day following septoplasty. I would recommend that you pose your question to his surgeon. It is impossible to answer this question without knowing what maneuvers were specifically performed during your son's surgery and his surgeon is the only person with the information required to give you an informed answer.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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