Can I Correct Nose Shape and Bump Without Surgery?

Hi, I've a long nose and a bump on the top of the nose. I would like to get the bump fixed and also reduce the size of the nose a little bit if possible. Is this possible to do in a non-surgical way. I would really not like to perform any surgery but would love to get my nose in a bit of a shape. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you. Pearl

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Correcting Nasal Defects

It is very difficult to give professional advice without being able to evaluate your nose.  In general, a non-surgical rhinoplasty, which is typically done with injectable fillers, can improve many nasal defects including asymmetries, bumps, and depressions. You mention your wanting to "reduce the size of your nose" which most likely would be difficult to do without surgery. I recommend you consult with a board-certified dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon for a consultation and discussion of treatment options. Click on the link below for before and after photos of non-surgical rhinoplasties done with liquid injectable silicone, a permanent filler. 

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Non-surgical treatments do NOT replace surgery

Non-surgical treatments in general can be very useful in specific situations but to use them as a replacement for surgery is not advised and the only people who suggest it are people who CAN NOT PERFORM SURGERY. I capitalize that because the misconception among the public is that doctors can perform surgery and that is just not true. A common trend in medicine is people adding on "cosmetic surgery" or "dermatologic surgery" to their credentials. It is misleading. In order to be a surgeon,  you must complete a surgical residency. For plastic surgery, that is 8 years of intensive surgical training and performing thousands of surgeries. Current U.S. law allows any doctor to say they are a surgeon even with no training (such as the family practitioners performing liposuction in Florida which has led to multiple deaths).

With that said, your board certified plastic surgeon should be able to give you all options, both operative and non-operative.

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Non surgical Rhinoplasty

It is hard to say without evaluating your nose, but non-surgical rhinoplasty in general can be used to improve any nasal bumps or depressions.  Reducing the size of your nose is typically not something that can be done non-surgically, but again it depends on what you mean and what part of the nose you are talking about.

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