Nose Looks Different when I Look to the Right Than when I Look to the Left: is This Normal Swelling?

My nose has always looked differnt from angles,when i turned to the left, my nose looked as if it didnt have a bump ,as for the right, the bump was clearly noticeable. i had rhinoplasty a month ago. im noticeing that its still a little bit uneven when i turn to the left and to the right. Will my nose always look different when i turn my face to right and left? i want my nose to look the same when i turn left and right. Also i have a weird indent in the middle of my nose?

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It appears that one osteotomy is a little further in. However you need to be seen in person to evaluate this.But most importantly you nee to se your surgeon and wait full full healing.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

What to expect, one month after rhinoplasty

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A good rule of thumb is that at one month, you are starting to get a good idea of what the nose will look like once the healing is done.  At this point about 80% of the swelling is gone.  From your photos, there is definite improvement from before the surgery but the shadowing in the post surgery photograph makes it difficult to give you any specific recommendations.  If you have concerns, make sure you bring them up with your surgeon at your next appointment.

Joseph Campanelli, MD
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

Nose looks uneven 1 months after Rhinoplasty

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 The photos show the uneveness that you're describing but at 1 month after a Rhinoplasty, there's no way to tell if this is temporary swelling of  at the cartilage/bone level without feeling the nose.  You may want to have this conversation with your Rhinoplasty surgeon that can push on the area and show you if it's swelling or not.

Rhinoplasty Asymmetry

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Hello Neli,

Thank you for posting your photos of both before and after your surgery, it is very helpful.  As you said, your nose before surgery was asymmetrical, with a much more prominent appearing bump when you look to your right side compared to when you look to your left side.

Your after photos appear to tell the same story, with a persistent bump visible when you look to your right side.  I also see an asymmetry in the tip of your nose; is this the 'weird dent' you are refering too?

In my experience, fullness in this area (near the bone) doesn't get better with time, and can even get worse, I am sorry to say.  I think the right nasal bone is just a tad too tall still, and/or needs to be moved inward. Although this  would require another surgery, it might be something that can be done under local anesthetic.  As for your tip, I can not say what might be required, if anything.

Now is not the time for a revision though.  A general rule of waiting one year is the standard for most surgeons, and sometimes it's a good idea to wait, especially if you are also watching the nasal tip, which takes at least a full year to mature.

Revision rhinoplasty is a more difficult endeavor, and should be performed by surgeons who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery.  Additionally, it is also a good idea to seek out surgeons that are not only properly certified, but also specialize in revisions as well.

Please remember that my recommendations are based on your posting and photographs, and might differ if a proper, in person consultation and physical examination was performed.

Best of luck.

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