Can a Nose That Had Rhinoplasty and Was Made Shorter Be Made Long Again?

I had a rhinoplasty done and was not provide with what I had requested. I wanted a slimmer pointier nose and now I have a short stub of a nose. It looks really horrible and my nose is shorter. Can this be fixed? how? pls help.

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Lengthening the nose

There are a number of good options for lengthening a short nose – typically cartilage grafts are required for this

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Revision rhinoplasty to lengthen overly shortened nose

Revision rhinoplasty can lengthen your nose with extended spreader grafts, tip structural cartilage grafts and various surgical techniques. This would be a difficult and complicated revision rhinoplasty, so be sure to select an experience surgeon. It must be at least one year from the previous surgery before embarking on a revision rhinoplasty.

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Revision of a Short Nose after Rhinoplasty

A short nose after rhinoplasty can be improved , typically using a graft of your own cartilage taken from the septum, the ears, or your ribs by an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon. Over-rotated and wide noses are the two most common complaints I've heard from patients seeking revision surgery over the past 35 years. Be careful and patient selecting a surgeon..

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Short nose


Secondary rhinoplasty is very difficult. to make your tip finer that will depend on your skin thickness.

Increasing the length of the nose can be done using a long soreader grafts(Rib cartilage)

but that may be limited by the amount of scaring you have from the forst surgery.

You should wait at least one year before embarking on secondary rhinoplasty

Samir Shureih, MD
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Correcting a short nose after nose job nasal surgery (rhinoplasty)

It sounds as if you may require the use of a costal cartilage (rib) graft. This can be a complex procedure and alternatives do exist such as implants but these are generally no the preferred method. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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