Cartilage Filling Put On Wrong Side In Nose Revision Surgery, What Can I Do? (photo)

had a revision on my nose on the 15/nov/11. I needed a filling on the R side of my nose to make it more semetrical and the nostrils reduced because they were too large and out there. what i came out with is a slanted nose. He put the filling (cartilage) on the wrong side but he wouldn't admit to it. Its pretty obvious! he is ignoring me telling me he put a filling on both sides but we never talked about filling on both sides as one side did not need it. Can you offer me some advice?

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Nasal Valve Collapse

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From  the pics you sent, it looks like you have a nasal valve collapse from your first surgery. The correct treatment for this is to use a butterfly alar graft to open the nasal valve. This is ususally done through an open rhinoplasty approach. Filling cartilage is not really going to do much for you.



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Cartilage Put on Wrong side in Revision Rhinoplasty

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First of all you do have swelling 3 weeks after your revision rhinoplasty. I don't know what you discussed pre-operatively, but I would have recommended cartilage grafts on both sides of your tip.I suggest you wait at least 6 months before deciding what will be done to meet your expectations. I'm sorry but you have to be patient at this time as healing progresses.

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