Nose Restylane Sub Q Inflammation?

Would it be possible to have inflammation symptom few month later? I did my nose first filler restylen sub Q in 2009, and had no problem . And in Aug2012, I did again. Right after filler, it was very ok. Then suddenly dec2012, I got this inflammation symptom like swell, nose pain. Now it's getting better after 2months medication but I'm worried it may be repeated again.

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Restylane and inflammation

Without first understanding the placement and amount of product injected and treatment you've had since, it's very difficult to answer this question. I would consider returning to the provider for full assessment and to determine what your options are, going forward.

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Nose Restylane infection

It's possible to have inflammation later, but it's usually triggered by something else. Like another type of infection that then triggers a problem in the filler region. For instance, I had a patient who I did Resty to the tear troughs on in January. In June, she had a facelift and ended up getting an infection called cellulitis, which then triggered her undereye fillers to become irritated, but it wasn't the filler, it was the other infection. Everything cleared up and she is just fine, but it took some time. So, the exact nature of what's causing your infection needs to be determined here...

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