Nose Reshaping Clips + Constant Heat? (photo)

I have several nose clips for reshaping: Nasofix, Nose Right, Nose Up, Nose Roller, Metal Nose Reshaper, etc.If I use this consistently all summer, using them to mold my nose into the shape I want, and heat my nose using a heating pad in between or even during uses of the nose clips, can I somewhat change the shape of the cartilage at the end of my nose? Can I reduce my dorsal hump, slim my nose, or slightly lift the droopy tip of my nose? What could be done as far as rhinoplasty for my nose? Could I use heat and nose molds? I want to use the heat and nose molds now, and then maybe get rhinoplasty in around 6 months if that doesn't work. What could be done? I'm going to try it anyway, so please be honest.

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Rhinoplasty is needed to reshape nasal cartilage

Using nose clips and heat will not reshape your nose.  The cartilage must be reshaped and repositioned to create a change in contour at the tip as well as the dorsal hump.  From the photos you submitted it appears you could have a nice improvement from cosmetic rhinoplasty. I recommend scheduling a consult with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss your options.

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