4 Sports Injuries to Nose - Do I Require Some Form of Surgery?

Hello. I'll keep this short and sweet. I have had a basketball, headbutted, punched and kneed on my nose. My nose has gone through alot. I bled prefusely when I got punched and KNEED! When I was first struck on my nose, it was the basketball. after a while I started to notice a bumb. Now before that I did not have a bumb on my nose cartlidge/bone I belive it's called. My bone seems bigger now. So my question is, if I didn't get hit hard on 4 seperate occasions, would my nose still look the same?

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Trauma to the nose

Multiple trauma to the nose may indeed have caused problems for you especially if you bleed from the trauma. The best way to figure it out would be to have an exam.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Nasal surgery after multiple injuries to the nose

After four injuries such as this the nose is most likely fractured, including the internal septum as well. Reducing the nasal fracture through osteotomies and a septoplasty will improve airflow dynamics through the nose and realign the nasal pyramid. A small bump can also be removed if present across the bridge from all previous fractures.  

William Portuese, MD
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Correction of crooked nose

Dear Rhinoplasty Patient from Sweden,
After several traumatic injuries to the nose there are certain changes and irregularities making a nose look crooked. Correction of a crooked nose is one of the most frequent procedures that is performed by a rhinoplasty specialist who is familiar with various techniques in traumatic nasal surgery. Many of these patients have two underlying issues to address, one the external nasal shape, second the internal nasal obstruction. Although many patients are more concern about the shape of a crooked nose that can be easily fixed with cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Kevin Sadati, DO
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Rhinoplasty for Sports-related Nose Injuries

Dear Auuthentic,  You certainly have had a number of traumatic injuries to your nose that have caused nose bleeding, and from your description a different "bump" on your nose.  So yes, your nose may have responded to being repeated hit, but forming some "callous" or scar formation.

There is no surgery (Rhinoplasty) that will protect you from a future broken nose. if you desire a change in the appearance or have significant symptoms like:

  1. nasal obstruction,
  2. nose bleeding, or
  3. change in your sense of smell,

You should consult with a facial plastic surgeon, Otolaryngologist, or plastic surgeon.

Travis T. Tollefson, MD, MPH
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Sports injury to Nose

Hi Auuthentic in Sweden,

Your nose likely would appear different without the multiple injuries.

Nasal injuries are extremely common in sports. Typical broken noses are treated soon after injury with a closed reduction, where the bones are reset back to original position. This may be done on the playing field, or at some point afterward. Nasal injuries, especially multiple, not only may break bones but also damage cartilage and create scar tissue. Surgery is required after trauma if you have nasal congestion and want to improve your breathing, or if you want to alter the shape of your nose. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a rhinoplasty specialist help determine appropriate options for you. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki

Houtan Chaboki, MD
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Multiple Traumas to Nose, Is Surgery Needed?

Hi Swede,

You need a facemask, not a rhinoplasty.  What happened to getting hit while playing ice hockey over there in Sweden?

Most likely without the bullseye target on your nose, and without the multiple traumas, your nose would likely look a little different (probably no hump), but you should know from the photos of what your nose looked like before, and what it looks like now.  You only "need" surgery from your trauma if you have difficulty breathing though your nose and wish to breathe better, or if the cosmetic appearance of your nose bothers you.


Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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