Nose Surgery and My Tip is Upturned

Hi I have just had my nose done, is looks nice from the front profile but at a side angle it is pointing up too much should i worry about this or will it drop and look more natural in a couple of weeks

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Following rhinoplasty the tip of the nose of often much higher than the eventual angle

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This is a common worry of many of my patients following rhinoplasty. An upturned tip is the most evident when they look at their nose the day after surgery. The stitches and tape often holds the tip much higher than the eventual position. The tip will continue dropping for weeks to months after the tape and cast are removed. So, don't worry if your tip is too high for many months following rhinoplasty.

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To soon to tell rhinoplasty results

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It takes a full year to see your actual post rhinoplasty results. It is to early in your post operative phase to make any judgements regarding your results. Hopefully you have some exaggerated swelling that will dissipate and allow the tip to look more natural in the coming months. Make sure you make an appointment with your surgeon so that he/she may put your mind at ease. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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