Nose Movement and Clicking After Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty

I am now 3 and a half weeks post op from a septoplasty/rhinoplasty. One week ago I was looking at something in my right nostril and felt something "click" and move slightly. Although I know the movement was higher up in my nose, I felt it in between my front teeth, under my upper lip. While looking in the mirror tonight, I wondered if the tip was centered, slightly pushed on the right nostril, and it "clicked" again, shifting something again in my nose and giving me that same feeling in my upper lip.

Should I be concerned about clicking/movement of my nose after Rhinoplasty? Do I need to see the Dr?



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Cartilage causing clicking noise

During rhinoplasty surgery, cartilage from your septum is often used in other parts of your nose to improve the appearance and function of your nose.  A "columellar strut" placed by your nasal tip can cause a clicking noise with lip movement particularly if its place posteriorly.  This should not affect your outcome, but can just be annoying.

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