Nose Was a Lot Smaller when Cast Was First Removed?

Im currently 4 weeks post-op and okay with the size of my nose, however 7 days post-op; when i had my cast removed, my nose was a LOT smaller, infact i was extremely distraught because it was so small. I still have swelling in the tip area & the base of nose, once it goes down, will the nose become as small as i saw it when the cast was first removed? very worried, if it does go that small, im sure im going to need a revision to make it larger; which i have read is a difficult operation.

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Nose after splint removed

Often just after the splint is removed, the parts of the nose covered by the splint are flat.  Swelling picks up and usually improves with time.

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Post cast removal changes in Nose job

Thanks for the question.Its true that it take up to one year to really see your final result.The change soon after cast removal is normal for most patients and will take couple of weeks before this apparent swelling at this stage settles down.keep in touch with your PS and he alone is the best judge for you.

Nose Was Smaller 1 week After Surgery and Will Continue to Change

It takes anywhere from 6-12 months for you to see the final results from your rhinoplasty. Most people have concerns during the healing process because it is often so difficult to assess what you are going to look like when your nose has finished healing. The key in doing a great rhinoplasty is not having the nose look the way you want on the table, but being able to anticipate the changes that will occur as it heals and have it look the way you want after a year. With that in mind, the way it looked at a week (when the cast came off) is not the way it will look when it has finished healing. My recommendation is to quit trying to figure out how it is going to look based on how it looked in the first week or two, trust your surgeon's expertise (it's why you chose him or her in the first place), and communicate your concerns to your surgeon. He or she is in the best position to ease you through the process (and it is a process). Good Luck.

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Nose Small After Cast Removal

Dear Suzie,


You are at an early stage after your rhinoplasty to be able to determine and assess the end results of your surgery.

Seeing your "naked" nose for the first time after surgery has its own impact as you have been used to it for 7 days with the cast on. Then, the swelling will fluctuate as the cast will have no effect on it.

I advise you to be patient and to look forward to your end results that are usually established in full at about a year post surgery.

I recommend that you keep communicating with your surgeon keeping him/her in the loop of your recovery.

Thank you for your inquiry.

The best of wishes to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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