Will my Nose Lose Its "Straightness" As I Get Older?

I was born with a straight nose. I'm 17 now. I still have my straight nose. Will it "loose its straightness" as time progresses? 

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Nose "straightness" will be maintained if you don't injure your nose!

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Thanks for including a photo! I assume you mean your straight nasal profile, which is quite nice. Straightness is also the line of the nose when viewed from the front. In the absence of nasal injury in the future, your nose will maintain its appearance. As you become elderly, you may begin to lose facial fullness and will certainly lose facial skin tone and elasticity (all of us do this at a different rate, based on genetics, weight gained and lost, sun exposure, smoking history, etc.), and cartilagenous structures (nose and ears) do seem to "grow" slightly.

But for now, you look great! Don't obsess about your nose! Cheers!

Nose should remain straight with aging

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The nose will not lose its straightness as time progresses as long as there is no trauma to the nose.  

Nasal lengthening with age

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If you follow sequential pictures of people over several decades you will find that the tip will move down and appear to lengthen.  This is one of the natural consequences of aging.  It can be corrected with a tip rhinoplasty if so desired.

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Talmage J. Raine MD FACS

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