I've Had 2 Nose Jobs & Nose is Bigger?

I had rhinoplasty to reduce the tip of my nose,1yr after the op my tip is larger than my original nose, my surgoen kept saying it would go down,it never did i was left with a very bullious tip, i had revision yr later,it's no different.I am left with an even bigger tip & it actually wasn't that bad to begin with.I need to have a 3rd op as can't live with this nose but i will find another surgeon but can anyone tell me why i've ended up with a bigger tip after 2 nose jobs, can this be fixed?

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I've Had 2 Nose Jobs & Nose is Bigger?

 Yes, aesthetically it appears that the previous Rhinoplasties reduced the nasal bridge without reducing the nasal width or projection resulting in a tip that is proportionally larger to the rest of the nose.  Be sure the Rhinoplasty Surgeon, you choose next, understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attractive nose and face.  

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Nose Bigger after 2 Rhinoplasties

Your tip is large and out of proportion to the rest of your nose. The reduction of your tip projection may be necessary. A complete set of before and after pictures or a physical examination of your nose would be necessary to clearly answer you question.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Bulbous tip


It seems like your problem is that too much was taken off the bridge and nothing was done to the tip. To reduce your bulbous tip, you will need an open rhinoplasty and a reconfiguration of your tip cartilages with a strut and shield cartilage grafts. You may also need to augment your bridge. See my web links about bulbous tips.



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Larger nose after two rhinoplasties

It's hard to say what is causing your nose to look larger after the two rhinoplasty surgeries without seeing additional before and after photographic views. In some cases, the issue is scar tissue under the tip skin whereas in other situations the problem is that the nasal framework was made too small and the overlying skin wasn't able to fully shrink wrap around it (making the tip look more amorphous). Sometimes the problem is a combination of the two issues.

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Bigger nose after rhinoplasty

Agree with previous posts. However, it does appear that your nose "appears" to be bigger. Some of it may be illusion due to the change in proportions around the tip, some of it nay be thicker skin, due to previous surgeries and scar tissue formation.

The factors that I see, and which should be addressed to improve the appearance of your nose are: 1. An over-resected dorsum (bridge),  and 2. Bilatteral collapse of the external valve, side walls.

Of course a consultation would give better information and a more detailed plan. I would obtain a copy of the operative record, and seek an experienced rhinoplasty specialist.

Best of luck,

Michel Siegel, MD
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Nose bigger?

Without seeing pre and post-op pictures and evaluating you in person, it is difficult to say why you feel the nose is bigger.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Third revision

Without photos (and and exam) it is impossible to tell you why your nose is bigger.  Perhaps you could resubmit your question with photos or at least descriptions of where it is bigger.


Here are some facts about rhinoplasty - I will let you draw your own conclusions

1 Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex cosmetic operations

2 Not all MDs have the same level or quality of training or experience

3 A lot of patients desire rhinoplasty

4 A lot of surgeons do rhinoplasty

5 There is a 15 % revision rate nationally (in fact there the realself "worth it rating" for the procedure)

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