Rhinoplasty for Someone with Scarring and Twitching in Tip?

I was in an accident last year and the skin on the bridge of my nose got torn up and healed in a strange way. It does not feel like the rest of the skin on my nose and seems to have a loss of sensation. Also, I have a strange twitching in the tip of my nose from time to time. Especially after I yawn the nerves in the end of my nose seem to jump. Is it still safe to get a Rhinoplasty with the skin on my bridge being so weird?

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Rhinoplasty after Nasal Skin damage

You really need to ask your plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon as the answer depends on the amount of trauma and skin damage (depth, extent, amount of residual scarring and the type of scars). The nose is quite vascular and usually can heal enough to undergo further surgery but again it depends on the severity of the skin damage. Your surgeon will evaluate the thickness of the tissues, especially over the cartilages to determine how safe it is to "undermine" the skin to identify the cartilages and modify them for the rhinoplasty. Be sure to see a surgeon who has experience in trauma and reconstructive surgery as well as cosmetic surgery. If you were to run into problems an experienced surgeon will know how to deal with them.

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Rhinoplasty okay after original injury has healed

What you are describing is probably a synkinesis of the facial nerve innervating the nose. This occurs from a long reattachment of the facial nerve branches to each other. The sensory loss is the result of tear in the sensory nerves to the nose as well. It is acceptable to have rhinoplasty performed after this type of injury as long as there is a good period of time in-between to allow adequate healing from the original injury.

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Rhinoplasty after Trauma

Discuss your neurological concerns (decreased sensation over the bridge of your nose and twitching of the tip} with the physicians who took care of you after the trauma. I would not anticipate any problems with a rhinoplasty. Ask if reconstructive work on the skin of your bridge is necessary and if it should be done at the time of your nasal surgery.

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Rhinoplasty after trauma

 It is difficult to give you a precise answer without examining you.  If the skin is still firm on your nose and not really mobile, it is best to wait until the skin is very soft.  The weird sensations may be the sensory nerves regenerating.

Steven Wallach, MD
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You should not have a problem.

 These "strange feelings" are the nerves growing back after the trauma. A rhinoplasty should not be different for you. If there is something unusual in your skin your surgeon will tell you.

Toby Mayer, MD
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