Nose Job Related to Drooping?

If someone gets a nose job, will the new nose be more prone to drooping? Does that mean that anyone that gets a nose job will probably need revision rhinoplasty later on? Comparing two people, one who hasnt gotten a nose job and one who has, whose nose will droop faster? If someone were to get a nose job at age 18, at what age would the nose start to droop? Thank you. I know that a nose droops no matter what due to gravity, but would it really affect a person who got a nose job at an early age?

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Drooping after Rhinoplasty

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All noses change as part of the aging process, but this will take many years. If you don't like your nose I strongly suggest you consider a rhinoplasty - why wait 40-50 years until the physical changes secondary to aging become apparent? I'm not aware of any studies that evaluate  the speed of aging in noses after rhinoplasty.  

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Aging will not cause the nose to drop in the 20 years range or more.

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With advanced age the nose will drop--60's to 70's due to bone and soft tissue loss. It is not a problem in the short term.

Toby Mayer, MD
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