After my nose job the tip of my nose looks no different then before. Will it change? (photos)

I had a nose Job done last year around the 14th of March. The  day I had the nose job I took pictures and loved the tip....but then the it got swollen and has never looked the doctor told me in time it'll look like that again....will it? or is he just setting me up for another nose-job???

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Persistent swelling vs. still too big

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Swelling increases for a few days after surgery, then gradually (over many months) will subside.  Unfortunately, on occasion, the swelling can convert to scar tissue and persist as thickening which is particularly noticeable in the tip region.  Sometimes, injection of steroid medications can be useful (although this is usually done more early in the process). Regardless, I would recommend waiting a full year before considering any kind of revision as some people take longer to completely heal.

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