21 years old traveling from Hong Kong to Thailand for Nose Job: Will I Look Natural? (Photo)

i heard about Thai doctors tend to go for too high nose, making Asian face not natural, is that true ? The situation that I have is I still like to have a refined high nose, yet still Asian but like a mix blood. I'm wondering any doctor in thai can be recommended/ can do that for me. Thanks.

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Facial plastic trends in Thailand

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having worked and spent time in Thailand as well as working with my Thai staff members here at the office all indicators are that facial plastic surgery in Thailand is following trends in Korea.  If you look at Thai soap operas, music videos, and celebrities currently their features are similar to those celebrities in Korea.

this does not mean that you will receive a tall unnatural looking nose but you need to have a very long conversation with your surgeon in Thailand before going through a surgery and also look for photographic evidence of noses similar to what you're looking for.

all that being said Thailand is not a bad place to have rhinoplasty.  I would not Price shop too much while there because you get what you pay for and good surgeons and Thailand are not the cheapest you could find in Asia.

also, if you  wanted to balance your nose and face more effectively you may consider somehow augmenting your chin or the lower third of your face.  get several consultations before proceeding with surgery

Chase Lay, MD
Asian facial plastic specialist
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Asian nose lift

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The unique facial features of Asian, especially women, must always be considered when doing Augmentation Rhinoplasty (nose lift). Compared to Caucasians, Asians have low forehead, higher upper-lid-to-brow distance, relatively short nose, larger nostrils, and flatter bridge. It is with these characteristics that Asian Nose Lifts should be customized to have a normal or natural outcome.
The following are usually observed by surgeons:
1. Preserve the groove or depression below the lower part of the mid-forehead or the horizontal line that connects your two eyes. Going slightly above this is acceptable. But going higher near the lower border of the eyebrows will result to poor outcome.  
2. Avoiding nose trimming (as much as possible) unless there is too much flaring of the ala.
3. Raising the tip a bit to maintain an angle and show a third of the size of the nostrils on the front view.

Al Farabi L. Jaafar, MD
Manila Plastic Surgeon

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