Nose Job -alar Base Operation to Make the Nostrils Smaller -less Wider .

I have bigger nostrils so my Dr is performing alar base surgery as well as a nose job. How bad will the scaring be for alar base surgery ? Because there will be scars will there be wrinkles there or slight indents - pockets where the tissue was removed ? My nose is somewhat longer then I like but I don't have any humps on my nose can I get a nose job that looks natural like I have now but shorter then my nose now.I would like to keep my over all look of my nose just 4mm to 4 1/2 mm shorter.

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Rhinoplasty and an alar plasty

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 Detectability of the alar plasty incisions will depend upon where they are the placed, the amount of skin removed, and the healing process of each individual patient. The alar-plasty will  accomplish a  decrease in the nostril  width

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Alar base reduction

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Alar base reduction is a common maneuver in Rhinoplasty surgery. The proper design of the skin excisions is paramount. There is a scar that results but this is usually minimal when hidden in the natural grooves of the alar wall. As for reducing the size or length of the nose, in general this can be achieved within reason. It depends on what your nose looks like to start with, its size shape and the thickness of your skin. I would recommend a computer imaging session with your surgeon to allow you to see what is possible prior to surgery. Here's a link to information about computer imaging.     Good Luck!

Thomas Buonassisi, MD
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Rhinoplasty Nostril Narrowing and Scarring

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Thank you for you question. Nostril narrowing (base reduction) is a commonly performed procedure. In expert hands, scarring is of minimal concern. However when poorly performed, notching/asymmetries/external scarring can be a problem. With proper incision placement and tissue eversion the base reduction should heal well. 

As for making the nose look the same but shorter, this is something that is best evaluated during a consult. It largely depends on your overall facial appearance, existing nasal structure, and skin thickness. 

I hope this helps. Good luck with your surgery. 

Robert Brobst, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Alar base reduction

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Alar base surgery is a common technique for a patient with wide nostrils.  There are always trade offs with any surgery.  A well performed and planned alar base reduction can achieve the goals of base reduction.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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