Bump Close to Eye Socket 10 Years After Rhinoplasty

I had a nose job over 10 years ago and I have a bump (bone) close to my left eye socket. Can this be corrected? This bump (bone) is small and hard close to the left eye in the eye socket. Can this be corrected and is it complicated to do? If I don't point it out people don't notice but it is enough to bother me because I can see that both sides are not symmetrical.

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Bump Close to Eye Socket after Rhinoplasty

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The irregularity you describe is probably secondary to the osteotomy (breaking of the nasal bone)  during the original surgery. Usually this resolves, but not after 10 years. If I'm correct, this can be improved by rasping (filing) the bone. However, perfect symmetry is never a goal. Schedule a consultation with your original surgeon or a physician who does a lot of rhinoplasty surgery.

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Bump at eye socket level

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I am not sure what you are talking about. If you have a bump in the eye socket itself there can be an entire list of causes.  This can only be evalutated in person.

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