6 Year Old Landed on His Nose and Next Day Was Swollen and Bruised?

My 6 year old fell out of bed 2 weeks ago - landed on his nose. It bled, but not too much - went back to bed 30 mins later with minimal pain. Woke up the next day swollen and bruised (nose and face). I brought him to the doctor who said it was not broken. 2 weeks later it still looks puffy and wider to me and there's a small bruise still across the middle. Most people say it looks normal again, but as his mom I can tell it's different. Is it still healing or is this most likely his new nose?

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6 year old landed on his nose and the next day was swollen and bruised.

Hello, this does sound like a fracture. I advise you to schedule a consultation with a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon for a proper evaluation and surgical plan if necessary. Good luck to you

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