Nose Injury After Fixing Deviated Septum 5 Years Ago? (photo)

5 years ago, I had surgery to fix a deviated septum that was made worse from boxing. My doctor at the time told me that if I had come to him right after the trauma, I might have been able to avoid surgery. 2 days ago, while boxing, I injured my nose. The septum seems to be swollen, though the outside of my nose is fine. I can only breathe through one nostril. The middle of my upper lip feels odd when I smile widely. I'm new to Dallas, and I don't even have a GP yet. Am I overreacting?

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Boxing and septal deviation

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Dear Bryan

  • Sorry to hear about the nose injury. Call and make an appointment to make sure you dont have a septal hematoma.
  • The strange sensation in your lip may represent a fracture of or near your nasal spine.
  • Make an appointment. 


Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon

Nose Injury After Fixing Deviated Septum 5 Years Ago?

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Always best to seek in person medical/nasal evaluation. ENT or Plastic surgeons can address this issue. 

Deviated septum surgery

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Dear bryan201,

  • This really should be evaluated by an ENT physician or plastic surgeon
  • If there is a blood collection within the septum, it needs to be drained
  • I know Sam Lam in Plano is an excellent surgeon you may want to contact

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
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Nose Injury and Unilateral Breathing Obstruction

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     A nose injury that causes a unilateral breathing obstruction may be the result of swelling, but there may a structural issue.  Only an exam would be able to differentiate the two.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Could be swelling or could be septal deviation

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Blunt trauma to the nose can cause the septum to shift, fracture or dislocate to one side.  I would recommend you get examined to make sure there is not something more serious like a septal hematoma (blood collected around the septum).  If you have a structural septal problem causing your problem it can be corrected with revision septoplasty or septorhinoplasty.

David W. Kim, MD
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Nose Injury After Fixing Deviated Septum 5 Years Ago?

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It's difficult to determine what's happened without looking inside your nose. The most urgent complication would be a septal hematoma though your nostril photo suggests that there is no fluid collection in your septum. If you feel like your nasal bridge or septum have shifted you should seek a consultation with a rhinoplasty surgeon to determine if a closed reduction needs to be performed to remedy the damage. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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