Had a Nose Injection 4 Years Ago? (photo)

I had a nose job injection with the unlicensed nurse 4 years ago. my nose really is deformed. my nose becomes so big ,wider and It really look awful specially when I do the side view position. I am planning to undergo for nose surgery to make my nose look better. I want to know what is the best nose surgery procedure in my situation. Is it possible for my nose to become better? I am insecure with my nose and sometimes I lose my confidence. I do regret so much why I allowed myself had nose injection.

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Injection at 4 Years

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   4 years after injection of an unknown substance may compromise the rhinoplasty result.  Hard to know with few details and one picture.  Kenneth Hughes, MD rhinoplasty Los Angeles, CA

Revision rhinoplasty after deformed nose due to injection

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It's impossible to comment and give specifics about your revision rhinoplasty with one oblique view photo. Since the injection material is unknown and your deformity is permanent, your revision surgery may be harder and less predictable than usual. My best advice is find an experienced board certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon to discuss about your concerns. Try to be as specific as possible about features of your nose that you want to correct or improve. Bring old photo of you prior to the injection as basis for comparison. Have a realistic expectation about the improvement that can be accomplished with the revision.

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Stewart Wang, MD, FACS
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Surgery after non-surgical rhinoplasty

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The problem with surgery after non-surgical rhinoplasty is that it varies depending upon what was injected.  If the injection was with a hyaluronic acid (unlikely in your case since it would be gone by now) then it can be dissolved before surgery.  If it was with a more permanent material then the material must be removed at the time of surgery and the nose then made to look better.  The surgeon usually finds a lot of scar so healing can be less predictable.  Find an experienced board-certified facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon who can discuss all your options with you.  Good luck.  Minas Constantinides, MD

Minas Constantinides, MD
Austin Facial Plastic Surgeon

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