Do I Have a Nose Infection?

I has rhinoplasty last Tuesday, now I've noticed a bump in the side of my nostril near the tip of my nose. It looks as if there has been pus and blood coming out of it. In the other nostril it looks like I have a white spot in it. Have I got anything to worry about?

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Post rhinoplasty

Go see your surgeon.  Although very rare, infections can occur following rhinoplasty surgery and if this is the case, you may need antibiotics.

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Purulent drainage (puss) is not normal

Hello Laura,

Thank your for the question.  I would definitely touch base with your plastic surgeon about this since your description may be an indication of a small infection.  He/she may tell you to do saline nasal spray in each nare 3 time per day and of course antibiotics may be needed as well.

All the best,

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Do I Have a Nose Infection?

Dear Laura,

Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately, without an photo, it is impossible to tell what is going on.  I would make an appt with your surgeon if you are worried about this to get a proper medical opinion.

Best Wishes,

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