How Could This Nose Be Improved Inexpensively? (photo)

I'm very unhappy with my "beak nose." I have a job but I am going to college in August and I will not be able to make $7000-10000 by then. My parents are not willing to pay that much either. I'd really like to improve the appearance of my nose in any way possible before I leave for college. Would it be possible to just get work done on the tip or any other cheaper alternative? I will be getting a rhinoplasty at some point when I can afford it but for now want to improve my nose however possible.

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Rhinoplasty to improve the look of the nose

Dear nose234,

  1. If you want something temporary, a filler may help make the nose look more proportional, although it will be slightly larger
  2. Even though it will be a little bigger, you can create a lift in the tip and nicer overall balance
  3. The filler would last about a year and when you are ready for a rhinoplasty, you can dissolve the filler
  4. Again, it will not give you the same result as a rhinoplasty, and it could buy you some time when you are ready for surgery

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