Can I Have a Nose Implant While Using Marijuana?

I use medical marijuana and have been for several months. I don't smoke it everyday, but I would say I do it once or twice a week. My question is, if I got my nose implant, will it get affected by the pot? Is there a time period that I have to wait beforehand? Mind you, I do not smoke cigarettes or do other drugs besides the marijuana and the occasional aspirin and I do not drink alcohol. I work out 4-5 times a week and I eat alright (not perfect, but better than eating fast food all the time).

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Rhinoplasty and smoking

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Dear Southparkmexican23,

To get the best results, I would avoid anything damaging to the skin and soft tissue after surgery.  I think it is a small sacrifice to make for life long results.  Marijuana smoke, especially if burned and not vaporized, still contains some toxic chemicals that may reduce the blood supply to your nose.  In the case of an implant, you want good blood flow to the area to prevent any infections.

The most significant risk with implants is their risk of infection because they are a foreign body.  You want some time for your body to incorporate the implant before doing anything harmful.  Ideally, you want to take a break a week before and 2 weeks after surgery.  Please keep in mind, there aren't well controlled studies documenting the effects of marijuana and nasal implants, so better to be safe than sorry.


Nima Shemirani

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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