Nose Implant Yellow Fluid Coming out. What Can I Do?

I had a silicone implant, after 2 weeks there was a yellow fluid coming out underneath the tip of the nose. It seems infected but the doctor said it's a body fluid. now, its 4 weeks, and everytime I dig it there is a yellow fluid coming out. I need to dig it to lessen the swell. Can you please advice me what to do?I'm working in a ship so I can not go back to the Surgeon who made my nose.Is there anything I can do? Is there an available doctor in New York, Times Square Plaza?How much it cost?

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Nose Implant Yellow Fluid Coming out. What Can I Do?

 You may want to go back to your Rhinoplasty Surgeon or see another for evaluation of your nose to rule out an infected nasal implant.  

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Possible infection of nasal implant need to see a surgeon

You need to see a surgeon as soon as possible. It sounds like you have an infection or seroma around the implant and this needs evaluation. There are many surgeons in New York that would see you. I suggest you look at some of the surgeons that may be in close proximity to Time Square that are on Real Self and make an appointment as soon as possible. I would avoid anymore "digging" in the nose until you are properly evaluated. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
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