How Long for Infection to Clear up After Removing the Implant from Nose?

my nose implant is infected how long dose it take for the infection to be completely gone once the implant is removed?

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Infection after rhinoplasty

That would depend on which bacteria it was and how bad the infection was. If it was MRSA you will need to see an infectious disease doctor and make sure you are not a carrier of the bacteria before you have another implant placed. The danger of replacing the implant too early are far greater than replacing it later. You do not want to have to go through this all over again. After removal of the implant and an appropriate course of antibiotics you should wait for all of the swelling to resolve. The nose is always contaminated with some volume of bacteria, all holes into the body are. Since the bacteria are there no matter what you do waiting for all of the swelling to resolve is just common sense to allow the nose to fight off infection from the native bacteria.

The majority of surgeons will recommend waiting 6 or more months before doing revision rhinoplasty in order to allow full resolution of swelling. At a month or 2 after surgery you may think looking from the outside the swelling is gone but I can assure you if you make incisions on/in the nose you will find visible swelling. Reinserting a nasal implant is a revision surgery and a prudent surgeon will wait the requisite time before proceeding.

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How Long for Infection to Clear up After Removing the Implant from Nose?

There's no set time for the infection to be clear.  This will depend on the severity of the infection, the blood supply to the noasal tissues which in turn is affected by the number and invasive degree of any previous Rhinoplasty surgeries.  A continued course of multiple antibiotics would seem appropriate that should be continued for 2-3 weeks beyond the point that all signs of infection are gone.

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Nasal Implant Infection


After the implant is removed, I would wait a period of at least 6 to 12 weeks before considering another implant. It all depends on how quickly the infection subsides.




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Nose needs time to heal and "cool down" after infection

After removing an infected nasal implant, at least 6-8wks of antibiotics should be initiated to clear any residual infection.  The type of infection will determine the antibiotic used and the duration.  I would advise the surgeon getting suggestions from the Infectious Disease collegues.

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Length of Nasal Infection after Implant Removal

If an infection is present  the implant should be removed and an MRI examination done to make sure there is no osteomyelitis in the nasal bones. If infection is present in the bones iv antibiotics are administered for 6 weeks.  This scenario is rare but the problem must be treated aggressively.  

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