How Long After Rhinoplasty Should I Worry About a Hump?

I fractured my nose 2 years ago. I had one operation last year to straighten my septum, but I was not happy with the broadness of my nose and what looked like a small bump on one side. I then went back to have an infracture 2.5 weeks ago (the bump was in fact the roof of my nose), the bump has gone but my profile now looks slightly humped on the opposite side. Is this a build up of scar tissue? Is the bridge too high? Or could it just be swelling? How long should I wait?

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Takes approximately one year to fully heal.

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Since it has only been two-and-a-half weeks since your revision rhinoplasty, it is impossible to tell if the bump is growing back on the roof of your nose. If there is a small amount of scar tissue present, this can be addressed with cortisone shots. You should wait at least a year prior to making any final decision about whether the bump is truly there or not.

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Nasal Hump

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Share your concerns with your surgeon. It will be several months before an accurate diagnosis can be made. Rest assured, if intervention is necessary this would probably be a minor procedure.

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Wait at least 3 months

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There is post-op swelling for several months after a Rhinoplasty ,  but generally I can tell by the end of 2 months whether or not additional treatment to the nasal dorsum (bridge) might be needed to further reduce a bony "hump".

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