Is it safe to have nose filler while on Warfarin?

Hello I'm 24 years old female just had my valve replaced 3 weeks ago with a mechanical valve so I'm on warfarin for the rest of my life I wanted a nose job but since this ain't possible for now I. Considering a nose filler this would be a safe procedure with no risk of bleeding ?

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Safer not to have nonsurgical rhinoplasty while on blood thinners

I would recommended avoiding filler injection to the nose while on Coumadin. There are no studies that I am aware of evaluating this clinical situation, but the risk is skin necrosis (death of a patch of skin). Since the nasal skin is naturally stiff and thick, bleeding with injection could risk skin necrosis if a hematoma (blood collection) occurs. 
I will perform filler injection elsewhere in the face in select patients on blood thinners, but bruising is expected and risks are higher. 
I hope this helps. I know this must be frustrating. I hope you feel great after valve replacement.

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