Nose Elevated to Left Hand Side After Rhinoplasty?

Hi, i got Rhinoplasty done 11 days ago to get the crooked nose corrected, though the bone appears straight bt the overall nose appears to be elevated to the left hand side. i also have sweeling under my eyes and the under eyes are blue at the moment. is such kind of elevation normal? do i need to get it surgically corrected again? y is it happening? i am really worried. Please help.

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Nose Swelling 11 Days After Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

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Sharda, keep in mind you are only 11 days out from surgery. That is incredibly early in the healing process. It is quite common to see resolving swelling and even some bruising at this point in time. I would not even entertain the idea of a revision rhinoplasty surgery this soon after your first surgery. Your best bet is to keep in close contact with your rhinoplasty surgeon so they can help further guide you in the recovery process. 

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Post rhinoplasty recovery

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Dear Sharda,

You are still in the very early stages of recovery and if you still have apparent bruising and swelling then it is simply to early to get worried. Please allow yourself some time over the next few weeks to further evaluate where you are in the recovery phase. Until then please see your surgeon often for post operative follow up appointments and hopefully these will bring you some peace of mind. If the problems you are seeing with deviation of the nose are still visible in a few months then I would discuss these concerns with your treating surgeon for a proper prognosis. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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Rhinoplasty post-op

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Right now, while you still have alot of swelling, I would be patient and give it time to settle down.  If it is still deviated in 4-6 months then perhaps it may need a revision.

Elevation after rhinoplasty

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You are way to early after your procedure to be worried about this and to be seeking advice from the internet. You trusted your doctor enough to let him/her operate on you. Communicate your concerns with your surgeon and trust and follow his/her advice. 

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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