Nose Droops at the Tip, Is There a Way to Give it a Slight Lift While Still Looking Natural?

I wonder if the kind experts on this forum can answer a question for me? Is there a way to give the tip of my nose a slight lift? Reason why I ask is because from the middle to the tip of my nose, there is no cartilage support which means that my side profile shows a droop. I do not want a caucasian nose but would like to improve my side profile without looking odd. Thank you for your response.

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African American Tip Rhinoplasty

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Yours could be a challenging case. The challenge is in getting cartilage that is long and supportive enough to reliably support your drooping tip. Additionally, I would suture the lower cartilages up to the septum to reposition them upwards. If you never had nasal surgery before, hopefully adequate cartilage could be harvested from your septum to fashion a strut to support the repositioned tip. African American tip rhinoplasty is often challenging because skin can be thick and difficult to drape while nasal cartilage is often weak. Your surgeon should advise you that your tip will permanently feel firmer which may seem unnatural to you after the surgery. Best of luck, Dr. Fisher

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Nasal tip lift

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Thank you for the photo.  Yes, there are ways to give you what you are looking for.  With the proper cartilage support you can get a nice tip and correction of the droop. 

Best Wishes

Dr. Peterson

Marcus L. Peterson, MD
Saint George Plastic Surgeon

Correcting a Drooping Nasal Tip

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One of the first things to establish is how much lift of the nose you wish to have. That establishes a goal to reach for. Typically there will be enough cartilage present in the septum of your nose to use in helping to better support the tip. A combination of cartilage grafts and strategically positioned sutures will likely get the nose to where you are more happy with it. A surgeon with experience in this type of anatomy would be preferable, but at the least you need to select someone with an interest in Rhinoplasty in general. Best of Luck

Lifting a droopy nose tip

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There are many surgical techniques that can be used to lift the nose tip upwards.  This involves trimming the membranous and columellar septum, sewing tip cartilages together, including intradermal and interdermal sutures, and a cartilaginous columellar strut.  All of these techniques can improve the appearance of a droopy nose tip.  Also, releasing the depressor septi muscle will prevent the nose from dipping down upon smiling.  

Drooping nasal tip rhinoplasty.

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Drooping nasal tip rhinoplasty can be done by using cartilage from the ear to support the tip so it stays up.

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Downward tip

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There are many ways to rotate a nasal tip but, your case is severe. I would look to a septal tip stitch, plumping grafts and a good cartilage supportive strut

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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