My Nose Disfigures and Makes Me Look Angry, Irritated or Frowning

My nose tends to widen and flare up whenever I open my mouth, chewing on food, squinting, or just trying to focus my eyes on to something. I don't mean anything but my nose gives off an unpleasant "look" even without even realizing it.

I have been told many times I look "negative" and I generally don't mind it but I am wondering is this something that can be worked on? I tend to have bad first impressions and sometimes awkward interactions because of the negative look that i give off.

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Palm beach nose job

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i don't think your nose alone can give off the negative "look" that you are concerned about. there may be either other facial features contributing to this or perhaps your overall level of self esteem may be so low that your are unconsciously giving off this vibration. i would recommend seeking professional counseling first prior to considering cosmetic surgery. i hope this helps.

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