Side of Nose Curving Outward After Restylane Injection?

I had a Non-surgical nose job less than 48 hours ago. Restylane was injected to smooth out some bumps on the left side of my nose. I am a little worried because now the left side of my nose appears to be curving outward. Is it possible this is just swelling?

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Swelling after non-surgical rhinoplasty.

There is little if any swelling after tissue filler in the nose. That's why the results are immediate. Although very unlikely, its possible the injections inadvertently hit a vessel and caused a bleed. However in that case there would be a bruise. There's still time to act, your surgeon may still be able to smooth out the 'swollen' area manually.

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Most swelling is gone 2 days after non-surgical nose job.

It's impossible to say without seeing before and after pictures. Did it look much less swollen right after the procedure? What does your doctor say to do?

If your doctor feels like you've been overcorrected, gentle massage may be helpful to distribute the product, and make it look less pronounced. Ask about hyaluronidase as well.

Feel free to email a picture.

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