Nose is crooked and columella upturned 3 weeks post op from septoplasty. Is this due to uneven swelling?

Hello, I had a septoplasty 3 weeks ago, mainly for cosmetic reasons to shave a bump off and reduce the size of my columella. I have noticed one of my nostrils is a lot larger than the other, also my nose is crooked and slanting towards the right side of my face. Is this due to uneven swelling or does it look like my nose will remain crooked even after swelling subsides? Inside my nose both nostrils seem to be equally swollen so I'm a bit worried this isn't uneven swelling...

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3 weeks after rhinoplasty

Three weeks after rhinoplasty is too soon to judge the result. It is still within the period of post operative swelling and certainly not at the conclusion of wound healing, ( 6-12 months). I would share your concerns with your surgeon and make sure you are following all directions on activity levels and care of your nose.

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Uneven swelling after septorhinoplasty

You actually underwent a septorhinoplasty if you had cosmetic work done as well. Regardless, there is still a significant amount of swelling at 3 weeks in general. This can be influenced by a multitude of factors and can vary based upon sleeping position, salt intake, etc. It's too early to come to any conclusions regarding your result. Your surgeon should be able to re-assure you, but a little patience here is the best remedy. Best of luck.

A. Joshua Zimm, MD
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